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SpellForce III Reforced is a unique mix of an epic RPG storyline blended with accessible real-time strategy elements, designed to offer a riveting console experience to fans and newcomers alike.

It is the year 518. The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory: Whole regions have fallen into anarchy, refugees roam the lands in search of shelter, and a mysterious, deadly plague called the “Bloodburn” has arisen and is spreading rapidly.

In times like these people cling to any sign of hope they can find. The Purity of Light, led by a charismatic man called Rondar Lacaine, claims that mages are the source of all misfortune – and that only the second coming of Aonir, the father of all gods, will return Eo to its former splendor.

The story takes place before the acclaimed SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


  • …Innovative Mix: Unique gameplay blending RTS and RPG naturally together
  • Streamlined for consoles: Intuitive gamepad integration and tailor-made UI to smoothly control a strategy/RPG mix with complex mechanics
  • Create & Customize: Create your own hero and choose between distinct skill trees
  • Build to Fight: Raise your own army and fight epic mass battles
  • Epic Storyline: Immerse yourself in a rich world – Unravel the secrets behind the current situation in Nortander. Explore Eo, a fully-realized world filled with interesting characters and heart-wrenching stories. 
  • Make new friends – assemble your party from a diverse cast of companions that not only complement your skills in interesting ways but also have an impact on the narrative. Manage their skills and equipment to ensure victory on the battlefield.
  • Choose your side: Strengthen and command one of three factions – Elves, Orcs and Humans. Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Play strategically, taking advantage of terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting, etc.

SpellForce 3: Reforced

During the last year we have been hard at work to deliver you this update. We spent a lot of time gathering feedback, reworking map scripts, fixing bugs and improving the game in many aspects.
But not only that, we also included two new game modes: Journey (our version of the Free Game Mode) and an Arena Mode – free for all owners of SpellForce 3, Soul Harvest and Fallen God.

This is our way to say “Thank You!” for your dedication, support and the ongoing love and support for SpellForce 3.
We hope that you enjoy SpellForce 3: Reforced and all its new content, and are looking forward to meeting you in the World of Eo!

The Grimlore Games Team

General Changes

  • Improved “Burning Blood” Campaign:
  • Improved RTS mechanics and reworked RTS faction (Humans, Orcs and Elves) designs, introduced in the expansions Fallen God & Soul Harvest
  • Updated skill trees with new spell mechanics introduced in the expansions
  • Improved questflow
  • Improved loot distribution for a smoother progression
  • Added and improved unique artefact puzzles
  • Visually and functionally enhanced user interface
  • Reworked crafting
  • RTS AI Balance overhaul
  • Complete rework of the hub for minimizing downtimes
  • Fixed all campaign and quest logic issues of the 40+ hours long campaign
  • Improved coop mode
  • Full gamepad support for controls and UI

New Game Modes:

  • Journey Mode: An additional game mode similar to the original SpellForce’s “Free Game Mode”, providing more than 20 hours of unique content and a lot of replay value. Can be played in Coop!
  • Journey Skirmish: Play PvP Skirmish matches against other players with your Journey heroes
  • Arena Mode: An additional endless game mode where you start with a fresh character, fight against waves of monsters, buy items and spells from merchants to compete with other players in the leaderboards including the possibility to play this mode in Coop.

New Content:

A new Skirmish map “Bitter Canyon” set in a mountainous environment. SpellForce 3: Skirmish now offers 18 maps in total!
Improved mod support, also for the new Journey and Arena Modes. Create your own Journey or Arena maps and share them with the community!

Versus Changes

Over the last months, we gathered all your feedback and compiled an early launch patch addressing some of the most concerning issues.
As always, we will continue to monitor the game and make changes as needed, so stay tuned for more!

Ladder Reset

For reforced, we are resetting the ladder progress and are excited about the new top competitors!

Adjusted Matchmaking

Matchmaking has been adjusted to help with a better overall ranked experience and distribution of leagues!

New Map Pool

  • “Bitter Canyon” is available in custom games and has been added to the ranked map pool
  • “Hard Rock” has been added to the ranked map pool
  • “Old Battlegrounds” has been removed from the ranked map pool
  • “The Mystic Valley” has been removed from the ranked map pool

Other Improvements

  • Added Crossplay between the different steam games versions
  • Added an icon at the location of knocked-down heroes
  • Added allied heroes to the hero bar, just like the RPG party in campaign
  • Added more control group options to match current RTS standards
  • Fixed various crashes in second lobby when using the “End session” option
  • Fixed creep icon disappearing for host when opponent killed their creep offscreen
  • Fixed issue where creep icons would stop disappearing on a reloaded game
  • Improved lobby by allowing to check the leaderboard at the same time
  • Replaced default AI with the improved Spandau AI
  • Spandau AI has been renamed to the default AI names
  • Spectators: Added a “Rename Replay” function in the replays menu
  • Spectators: Now able to see resources of all participating players while spectating games
  • Humans: Added new and improved building icons for better readability
  • Trolls: Improved icons for better readability
  • Elves: Renamed Skirmish Hero “Druid” to “Archdruid”
  • Orcs: Renamed Skirmish Hero “Goblin Shaman” to “Goblin Warlock”

Balance Changes: Multiplayer & RTS

RTS Buildings


Increased costs of all forges from 5 Wood 5 Stone to 15 Wood 15 Stone
Reduced health of all forges from 4000 to 3000


Marketplace: Increased cost of Iron from 20 to 40
Marketplace: Increased cost of Aria from 30 to 70
Foundry: Reduced cost from 18 Wood 18 Stone to 10 Wood 10 Stone


Enchanter: Reduced cost of Wood from 25 to 20
Lenya Harvester: Reduced cost of Wood from 25 to 22
Lenya Purifier: Reduced cost of Wood from 40 to 35


Outpost: Reduced cost from 12 Wood 10 Food to 10 Wood 10 Food
Woodcutter: Reduced cost form 10 Wood to 9 Wood

Dark Elves

Border Fortress: Increased build time from 20 to 30 seconds
Border Fortress: Increased cost from 15 Wood 10 Food to 18 Wood 12 Food
Citadel : Increased cost from 30 Wood 30 Stone 20 Food 20 Stone to 40 Wood 40 Stone 20 Food 20 Stone


Hunting Cabin / Stonecutter / Woodcutter: Reduced cost from 13 Wood to 12 Wood
Tribe Shelter : Reduced cost of Wood from 30 to 25

RTS Units


Infantryman: Reduced upgraded damage from 80 to 75
Infantryman: Reduced upgraded health from 931 to 875
Keeper: Increased cost from 5 Food 4 Iron Bars to 6 Food 4 Iron Bars
Keeper: Reduced restiances from 25% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege to 25% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege -25% Magic
Catapult: Reduced area of effect magic damage of the upgrade from 15 to 10
Champion: Increased the cost from 8 Food 5 Iron to 8 Food 6 Iron


Guardian: Increased resistances from 25% Pierce -25% Magic to 25% Pierce -10% Magic
Protector: No longer impairs surrounding enemies. Still impairs targets hit
Treant: Standard attacks no longer knockback enemies hit
Treant: “Ability” apathy duration reduced from 10 to 5 seconds
Warden: Adjusted the cost from 5 Food 2 Iron Bars to 4 Food 3 Iron Bars


Brute: Attacks no longer have secondary damage type Siege
Brute: Attacks deal 30 Siege damage to buildings on top of their normal Strike damage
Hunter: Reduced raw Pierce damage from 130 to 110
Hunter: Now additionally cause creatures to bleed for 10/s for 2 seconds.
Ravager: Increased attack range from 7.5 to 9 to help with attack reliability
Ravager: Reducest cost from 10 Food 4 Iron to 9 Food 4 Iron
War Troll: Decreased cost from 20 Food 12 Iron Bars to 18 Food 11 Iron Bars

Dark Elves

Harvester: Reduced upgraded HP of Harvesters from 1000 to 750
Scion: No longer drops souls on death, and is worth no souls in sacrifice
Specter: Impair amount of “Mind Invasion” reduced from 25% to 15%
Strider: Increased cost from 7 Food 6 Iron to 7 Food 7 Iron
Strider: Reduced resistances from 25% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege to 0% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege
Twisted One: Reduced attack range from 200 to 175


Berserker: Increased attack range from 7 to 9 to help with attack reliability
Combat Balloon: Reduced speed from Liquid Fire stance from 75 to 60
Combat Balloon: Reduced area from Liquid Fire from 150 to 125
Molerider: On-Hit impair reduced from 50% to 40%
Sentry: “Precision Stance” replaces “Sharpshooting Stance”: On-Hit impairs 40% for 2 seconds and interrupts casts.


Bone Hexer: Reduced resistances from 25% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege 25% Magic to 0% Strike 25% Pierce 75% Siege 25% Magic
Bone Hexer: Adjusted balance distribution to 130 Magic, 10 Leech damage
Bone Hxer: Reduced movement speed from 50 to 45
Corpse Seeker: The ability now properly creates a buffing area for its allies
Ironbeak Fighter: Reduced movement speed from 90 to 70
Spike Flinger: Increase damage from 90 to 100
Thrower: Reduced cleave damage from 20 to 15

Skirmish Heroes


Royal Mage: Reduced focus cost “Incinerate” from 15 to 10
Royal Mage: Reduced cooldown “Incinerate” from 25 to 15


Occultist: Reduced health cost of Demonic Pact Lv2 from 400 to 200
Occultist: “Blood like Tar” impair reduced from 15% to 10%

Dark Elves

Guardian of Nor: Reduced “Soul Explosion” number of targets from 9 to 8
Guardian of Nor: Range set to Weapon Range to ensure reliability in casting
Reaper: Reworked “Siphon” spell. Now channels for 7 seconds, leeches 40 damage per second. Channeling successfully for the full duration empowers the Reaper for 7 / 13 seconds (15%/20%)
Reaper: “Demonic Pact” renamed to “Dark Pact”


Hierophant: Increased cooldown of “Barrage” from 20 to 25
Warrior of the Depths: Increased weapon attack range from 7 to 9 to help with attack reliability
Warrior of the Depths: “Battle Frenzy I” now requires Hero Level 3


Chieftain: Slam Lv2 area of effect radius increased from 100 to 110
Plaguebringer: Increase standard attack range from 75 to 120
Plaguebringer: Increase chain radius from 30 to 40

MP Creeps

Ice Wyvern: Reduced duration of freeze from 10 to 5 seconds
Bear: Increased resistances from 50% Strike -25% Pierce 75% Siege to 50% Strike 0% Pierce 75% Siege
Medusa: Reduced surrounding units impair from 50% to 40%